We started as a software development agency in 2013 and have been successfully building web and mobile applications since then.

Since 2021 we have been providing recruitment services to our clients who want to build in-house teams.

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Soft Skills and attitude check

We know what soft skills and attitudes are important to build successful products - and we check it in our HR interview.

The Tech Interview is on us

We have senior back-end, front-end, and mobile developers on the team who can evaluate candidates' technical skills.

Low fees & No Upfront Payments

Only 13% of the annual base salary of the successful candidate.No Upfront Payments for our core stack vacancies, just £1000 pre-payment for the other positions.

Fast Results for our Core Stack

We always searching for good candidates in our core stack - Node.js, ReactJS, and Flutter, and have somebody in the pipeline, so the time for closing these vacancies can be significantly faster (our record is 4 days to fill the position)

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We can help with the development of your product while we are looking for the person for your team or do the on-demand support in case of a bigger scope

How do we work


We discuss our approach, collaboration conditions and contracts, and your company values and goals to understand who would be the best fit for your team.


We collect the requirements, compose the job description and talk through the roles and responsibilities, understand the answers to the most common candidates’ questions.


We post the vacancy to popular job boards, and initiate the active search on LinkedIn and professional groups, process the answers, filter CVs


First HR interview to check the soft skills and attitude, then - a technical interview with our senior developers.

If both are passed - we recommend them for your consideration and the final interview.

Offer & Onboarding

We help with the offer to the successful candidates and follow them up to the acceptance. Also if you like, we can help with the onboarding process, checklists, recommendations, etc.


50% of the fee is paid on the candidate’s first working day and 50% after 3 months probation period.

If the candidate does not pass the probation, you will get a 25% discount for the new candidates.


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