The Inspirers mobile app helps patients with hypertension to keep track of their blood pressure and adhere to medication and therapeutic plans. It focuses on senior people with hypertension. 

Initial Request from the Client

The project is a collaboration between the Portuguese healthcare company, MEDIDA, which specializes in research and development services that treat and address allergic and respiratory diseases, and, simultaneously, our client, and the CINTESIS research center, an R&D department of the University of Porto. 

A client came to us to help build an app that’ll be a reflection of the project on adherence studies for people with hypertension. They’ve already been working on functionality that would count pills in a blister and capture blood pressure values on the measurement device via photo. 

At Diversido, we needed to create a beta version of the app that would embody this and other functionality. With Inspirers, collaborators planned to apply for a new grant that would allow them to develop the solution further.

What We Did: Challenges and Solutions

While working on the Inspirers project, we: 

Of course, development didn’t go without challenges. Let’s talk about what they were and how we’ve solved them.

Challenge #1: Offline mode 

The target audience of Inspirers is people with hypertension, a lot of whom are the elderly without access to the Internet. At the same time, mHealth solutions must be built on the principles of accessibility. Thus, our app had to work reliably without an Internet connection. 


All the patient data is stored directly on the user’s device. Synchronization with the server occurs whenever the internet connection is restored. The synchronization flow we’ve developed allows users to access their data offline from different devices. When the devices go online, the information from them is updated and merged, minimizing the possibility of data loss.

Challenge #2: Localization

The current version of the app is bilingual — Inspirers is available in Portuguese and English. The length of titles in the two languages often differs. Hence, the app design had to be simple and robust, with easy-to-read text (and UI, adaptable for various language configurations). The client also wanted to be able to add new localization languages fast. 
To ensure design success, we tested UI extensively across both versions of localization, including the date/time format that differed for Portugal and the United Kingdom. 

Knowing that the client planned to scale the app to be localized in Spain – and needed it to allow quick addition of new languages – we didn’t hardcode the app texts, instead containing them in XML documents. Right now, to add new languages, the client simply needs to add a new section of translations to the XML and ship it to the app, – as opposed to creating new UI screens for localized versions of the texts.

Challenge #3: Push notifications

The client wanted Inspirers to have an extensive, well-performing system for push notifications for both iOS and Android. We couldn't find a cross-platform solution for local (push) notifications that would satisfy all our requirements, and Android versions were not stable.


We used two separate open-source solutions for iOS (Shiny.Notifications) and Android (localnotificationsplugin). For Android, we went through several iterations and tried several other solutions, before we could find a stable-working one.

Challenge #4: Hidden business logic and beta users' feedback

During the development process and after the test release and after gathering feedback from the first users, we realized we can improve the app’s UX even further, although this improvement had not been requested by the client. For instance, for the app to have more value, it had to be able to parse, process, and search across the drug list. There also have been edge use cases for the medication intake scheduler to be considered — e.g., when users administer the pill out of schedule, which is often the case with the painkillers in patients with chronic pain. Apart from that, users of the beta version gave their feedback on functionality: they need more flexible options in dozing reports, in case they’ve taken ½ of the pill instead of the whole.  


Our team has worked diligently on incorporating user feedback and UX additions that occurred to be vital during development to perfect the app.

Results of our Work

Currently, Inspirers is in its beta version. The app facilitates control over hypertension measurements and medicine intake, with two corresponding modules and an additional module that generates reports on the user's progress. 

Within features of the medication module, users add drug lists from prescriptions, including required dosages and intake schedules. They receive notifications when it’s time to take their pill and are prompted to take photographs of the blister pack. That promotes accountability & makes adherence easy: patients don’t skip pills and don’t take the same pills twice if they forgot if they’ve already taken one. As a result, Inspirers increases treatment efficiency and helps doctors save lives.

In the blood pressure measurement module, patients first create a plan and indicate how often and when they would like to measure their blood pressure (or they can choose a standard, 7-day measuring plan.) To record the data, a user takes a picture of the display of their measuring device.

Within Inspirers, we’ve built the following features:

At the moment, the main stage of the project is completed, but we’re keeping in touch with the client to help with further advancement if needed.

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Tapatan is an Archaic Board Game Originating from the Philippines

At first sight, it seems as a simple game, following very simple rules. Players have three stones which they have to set in a row, on the board. Setting the stones in a row is not simple or easy at all, since there are over 1500 possible position combinations and an opponent which will fight hard and will do everything to stop you from achieving your goal and winning the game.

Technology Stack

  • Game design
  • Art assets and UI
  • Client implementation using Unity 3D
  • Server implementation using Photon
  • AI design and creation

With Legend Users Can

  • Interesting gameplay
  • More than 1500 moves combinations
  • 2 players can play on the same device
  • Online multiplayer
  • Complex AI

Results of Our Work

The Legend of Tapatan is an exciting and challenging game which, most of all, challenges your mind and trains your strategic skills.

Fitness App is a Major Extension of the KiwiSweat Platform

The app lets cutting-edge instructors directly connect with students, empowering premier instructors with a way to bring their custom methods directly to students, and giving the ability to discover, easily pay for and attend fun, new fitness classes. Who needs the gym? We’re giving instructors the power to reach you directly. It’s like Uber meets Airbnb meets Etsy, but for group fitness.

Technology Stack

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Unity
  • Xamarin

Results of Our Work

App is available for iOS.

Coloring Relaxation App

Master Peace is a coloring game that helps people ease their minds and find their zen while listening to calming music. The app offers three levels of painting navigation difficulty, a library of 300+ images to draw, and a collection of relaxing music.

Technology Stack

  • ?

Request From the Client

The Diversido team received a request from Artitect LTD to improve their existing product. The project belonged to the Relax App niche. The application plays calming music to users while they color pictures. Master Peace was already present in both App Store and Google Play digital marketplaces. However, it required major support and bug fixing in order to be successfully monetized.

To be exact, the client needed the loading speed of the Master Peace app to be improved. They also planned to add UI/UX changes later on and bring some new ideas. So, the client approached the Diversido dev team with a request to enhance the app loading speed and perform bug fixing. They also requested our designer to take care of the UI/UX of Master Peace.

What We Did: Challenges and Solutions

The Diversido team encountered several challenges during the improvement of the Master Peace app. Yet, we solved them effectively and met the set deadlines:

Challenge #1: Loading speed of the app

Initially, it took 1-3 minutes for the Master Peace app to load after it was installed on a user’s device. The loading was so long because all the content, including pictures, music, and the app’s  files, was loaded at once. Consequently, it was quite a while before users could start using the app, which deteriorated their experience.

Solution: Diversido’s developers removed all visuals and music from the files to be downloaded before the first launch and left only the necessary app files. Since only the basic data had to be received from the server initially, it took only a couple of seconds for the app to be loaded.

Now, the images and music are gradually loaded one by one after the user opens the application for the first time. This way, customers skip all the waiting and can start using the app much faster.

Challenge #2: Cost and quality of images

The Master Peace application was stuffed with pictures for coloring. It was costly since the client was buying hand-drawn visuals from illustrators for $50/piece. Still, the client wasn’t completely satisfied with them and needed our help with additional editing.

Solution: Diversido’s UI/UX designer searched pictures online on stock services, found visuals that fit the requirements, and sent them to the client. After the client approved the pictures, the designer finalized them so they could be displayed correctly in the app. Some of the pictures needed to be fixed and tested before the final approval to add them to the app. On average, a picture’s cost was reduced by three times.

Besides, the client had more pictures from designers hosted on Google Drive. However, they did not work with Master Peace and required fixing. Diversido’s mobile developers identified the issue and found a way to address it in a time-effective way leaving the client satisfied.

Marketing Services

After the product was ready, Diversido took over the marketing for the project. We discussed possible marketing activities with the client and participated in the creation of marketing campaigns. We helped the client launch an advertising campaign on Facebook, Apple, and Pinterest, and Google.

We also provided app store optimization for the application and updated the descriptions of the app in Play Market and App Store to get higher visibility.

At the same time, Diversido undertook work on the landing page of the client’s website: we designed the structure of the content and wrote it from scratch.

We also provided the client with a clear monetization plan and a plan for push notifications to demonstrate the direction of the project’s future development. We’ve already integrated one of the Admob advertisement services and Appodeal ads. We’ve added more categories to the app to make sure it stays valuable for the users. We keep an eye on internal user metrics and already made decisions based on them; for example, removing registration to keep more users in the app.

Current Results

Diversido has achieved notable results in the modification of the Master Peace app. We have improved loading speed, found a way to optimize the quality of the designed images, and added significant UI/UX changes.

However, the project is not finished yet. We still continue with bug fixing as per the feedback. Besides, now we have even more goals to accomplish. We’ve had an additional request to adjust push notifications and adjust the monetization system.

We have also canceled user registration upon downloading the app. Instead, we allow them to use a limited version of the app without an account in order for users to see the real value of the app quickly. This decision was made based on the statistics we collected on the users activity via AppsFlyer.

Would You Like to Have Your Own Jukebox Playing Your Favorite Music? Of Course You Would. Who Wouldn’t?

And now that’s possible thanks to the Streaming Music App. Turn your iOS device into your personal jukebox and listen to the music you love. The Streaming Music App allows you to listen to music online or download songs you have purchased. Moreover, it allows you to search for interesting music and cache it, review top charts, put all your favorite songs in one place and to create playlists.

Technology Stack

  • iOS application development using Xamarin SDK and MVVM Cross
  • Music downloading
  • Offline music caching and listening
  • In-app purchases

Results of Our Work

This app allows you to listen to your favorite music, search for new songs, download the ones you have purchased and more. Available for iOS.

Ultimate Program for All Fitness Addicts

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass or just tighten up, this is the app available on iOS and PC. This Wellbeing Program will support you in your training by providing you with the education, liability and results you have always wanted. All you have to do is create a profile and start enjoying all the benefits this program has to offer. The best part is that you can work out anywhere, at any time you want without all that expensive equipment. Additionally, you can earn points and win a cash back reward for your efforts.

Technology Stack

  • iOS implementation using Unity
  • Client-Server implementation
  • Website development

With This App Users Get

  • Educational videos
  • Quizzes
  • Workouts connected to an activity monitor
  • Challenges
  • Nutritional logs
  • Wellness journal
  • Success tracking tools
  • Recipes
  • Communication with a trainer and trainer tips

From the main menu, you can edit your workout routines, review your workout history, monitor your heart rate and view or edit your profile.

This Program Offers Several Categories

  • Everyday activities (weight lifting, swimming, sports, walking and running)
  • Cardio
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Warm up

There are workouts for each category, divided into sets, and an avatar showing which workout and which set to do and how many times to do it. You can follow the workout routines or you can work out on your own and come up with your own routines, which you can easily save.

Results of Our Work

The app is easy to use and navigate, and it has all the things you would like the perfect fitness program to have.

Find Firewood

Is a marketplace that connects sellers with buyers of the renewable energy source: firewood. Person can signup as a buyer or seller and begin using the custom made firewood marketplace. As a buyer, they place an order request that fits their specific needs. As a seller, the users can get to choose which order requests work best for you.

Technology Stack

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • QA

With Find Firewood Buyers Get

Their ordered firewood delivered by the seller right to their house.

Results of Our Work

Along with simple ordering and payment processing, buyers get their ordered firewood delivered by the seller right to their house.

Asset Tracking System

Remember when businesses used pen and paper or electronic spreadsheets for tracking and managing their assets? Thanks to projects like Slate Pages, it is a thing of the past. The Slate Pages app is a flexible asset-tracking system for various industries. It is trusted all over the world by firefighters, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, logistics, and supply chain management businesses.

This tracking solution works from a smartphone — with an easy-to-use app utilising tags for identifying and managing assets. A smart asset tag is called a Slate. It features a unique QR code to access the data linked to an asset. This system is capable of tracking trucks, fleet vehicles, construction, farm and HVAC equipment, machinery, excavators, small tools, etc.

Technology Stack

  • React JS
  • Xamarin
  • Flutter

The list of benefits of using Slate Pages is endless compared to old tracking tools:

  • Better collaboration within the team and with external parties.
  • It has built-in notifications for tracking an asset.
  • It can generate reports whenever you need statistics.
  • Provides a range of ways to view and manage the data.
  • Accessibility to a single asset as well as assets in a group.
  • Choosing and applying locations on interactive maps.
  • Different account roles with the option to limit information for third parties.
  • Additional features like taking pictures of a component.

All of these features come together and can be used simultaneously using just a smartphone with the installed app.

Challenge of the Project

The Diversido team was happy to contribute to such a complex project that would make tracking solutions easier for many businesses. The main goal of our job was to help Slate Pages and their clients forget about the paper inspections and outdated tracking tools.

Our main challenge was definitely to fit all the needed features into a single mobile application that would be user-friendly and simple to use for all parties. This asset tracking system had to keep maintenance logs organised and easily accessible for employees, technicians, and business owners — all from smartphones. We also created an admin panel with the dashboard so that company administrators can easily control ongoing activities.

Features We Worked On

We have developed a set of features to make the app highly functional.


We had to first synchronize all the data between the client’s back-end and our front-end solutions. Since the company had been engaged in their activity for a long time, we had to make sure that all the information would be available in the new application. Thus, it could be used for the company’s existing clients and assets without any delays, errors, or gaps in the corresponding data and communication history.

QR-codes Generating and Scanning

One of the solutions we came up with to develop this complex system, yet keeping it simple to use, was asset tags (Slates). Each asset receives its unique QR code (as well as link and ID) that can be used for searching, tracking, managing, and sharing Slates. These codes are typically located on the user’s asset, so the user can easily scan them to view more information. There is a camera option in the Slate Pages app, which is supported on iOS, Android, mobile devices run on other operating systems, and tablets.

Slate ID Tracking for Every Field and Every User

Of course, not every single piece of equipment can be marked with a QR code. Some tools and devices, like fire hoses or firearms, are too small or too difficult to affix an asset tag to. In such cases, users can track by an ID number or name of the device. To achieve this, we have imported all the serial and ID numbers of equipment or its parts for easy search and system tracking. 

Maps Integration

Besides the inherent tracking option, we wanted to make sure each tag or slate contains important info about the asset — different field types like location, photo, date, text, and number — and is customizable by the user. A slate is essentially an asset card with unique attributes that can be used to find a specific asset. We have integrated the Maps, so the user can quickly update the equipment’s location via a smartphone's GPS when scanning a QR tag. Moreover, users can even get directions to the assets since the map view focuses on the address or coordinates. The web portal lets users see all their assets’ locations in one map view.

Data Type-Based Fields

The data fields in Slate Pages are customizable by the user thanks to a fairly functional Slate Designer. They can choose what type, placement, and amount of information the tag will contain. This flexibility enables other benefits:

  • Automatic data formatting. For instance, every phone number or email address the user inputs will be formatted and displayed correctly — with the necessary dashes, slashes, etc.
  • Additional features when adding different fields. For example, by adding an Email field, you get the option to send emails inside the Slate in a single tap.
  • More accurate statistics and reporting. By configuring the field types, you will be able to filter out the unnecessary details and only see statistics on the things you need, like expiration date or usage period.

Flutter Integration Into Existing Application

We initially created the SlatePages app on Xamarin – an open-source app platform. However, Microsoft officially announced the end of support for Xamarin in 2024, so we had to think of a way to either create a new app using a different platform or transform the existing one.

The solution we came up with was quite elegant – we integrated Flutter (an open-source framework developed by Google) into an existing Xamarin application. This allowed us to implement new features, support existing Xamarin-based apps, and migrate to Flutter simultaneously. Thus, users did not need to download another SlatePages app, as they could simply update it in the app stores. They noted Slate Pages was improving, while we were working on a rather complicated technical task.

Making Design User-Friendly

Another challenge was making a user-friendly design. After redesigning and refactoring the architecture to Flutter-based, the app could now be used on multiple platforms using the same code. As a result, it works both on mobile and web (dashboard) devices, which is more convenient for users since some features are easier to use from the desktop. Using React.JS, we also created an admin panel from scratch for easy system management.

Additionally, we redesigned and documented important architectural solutions. Now the design is easy and flexible: users can choose and set up different device tracking options. As a pleasant result of our shared efforts — a big customer has returned to using Slate Pages after the redesign.

Offline Mode (In Progress)

In the first stages of our work, we focused more on the online functionality of the system. Now, we are working on introducing the fully functional offline mode, so the system and its features can work anywhere even with no internet connection. We have already designed the architecture for offline mode and made preparations for code refactoring. Soon, we will introduce and perfect the offline features available for all Slate Pages’ users.

Results of Our Work

This project has become an important part of our work. Together with Slate Pages, we developed, designed, and perfected the new asset tracking system. It now has tags/Slates with QR codes for easy access and tracking; it is synchronized with the previous structure and data, with integrated Maps; the design of each Slate features customizable data type-based fields, and the whole system overall is user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible for every user.

Technology-wise, we used Xamarin for the initial version of the SlatePages app, then integrated Flutter to add the features and make it available on different devices. Later, React.JS was used to create an admin panel from scratch. We developed a lot of Front-end solutions to enable the admin panel, dashboard, and Slates features.

The app is now fully supported by iOS and Android on both mobile and web versions. It features different layouts for handheld devices and tablets and is available for download in the App Store and Play Market. We believe that this asset-tracking system will change the process of equipment management and simplify business operations.

Cats vs Fish Game Concept

Classical slot-based tower defence game about the cats and fish confrontation. 10 unique levels, 12 enemies, 9 towers. Available for iOS. Game was not finished, and currently we are interested in selling the entire project.

Technology Stack

  • Visual concept
  • Art
  • Character design
  • Implemented prototype using Unity3D

Results of Our Work

Working prototype with exciting game flow and detailed design for each detail.

Shipwrecked Shambles is a Puzzle Game About a Pirate Crew With Bad Karma

They are conquerors of seas and the most powerful thieves with a great ship, but no luck. Greedy and always ready for adventure, these pirates sail without thinking twice. Unfortunately, every time they sail, something goes wrong! Either a young shipboy fell asleep on his post and didn’t notice the coral reefs, or a crazy storm appeared out of nowhere. Or, a giant Kraken decided to wake up exactly at the moment when the ship was above him. Regardless of the reason, the end is the same – they are shipwrecked. And now, this fearless crew of mighty pirates instead of thinking about new adventures, must think about saving their lives.

Technology Stack

  • Game design
  • Concept art
  • 2D art
  • User interface design
  • Game implementation using Unity3D

With Shipwrecked Shambles Gamers Get

  • Cute cartoonish style graphics
  • 4 different shipwrecks with their own characters and other game elements
  • 108 levels varying complexity – from piece of cake to real hardcore
  • Hints for the most difficult levels

Results of Our Work

Shipwrecked Shambles is available for both iOS and Android, getting 5 stars rate on App Store.

Redhot Tracker is a DOTA 2™ Games Tracker

Redhot Tracker is a DOTA 2™ games tracker that allows users to stay up-to-date with all the things happening in the realm of DOTA 2™ tournaments. Redhot Tracker is a real tournament paparazzi, knowing more than you would expect.

Technology Stack

  • UI/UX design
  • Server architecture and implementation
  • iOS implementation using Xamarin
  • Client-Server API integration

With Redhot Tracker Gamers Can Get

  • Instant notifications of when matches start and end
  • List of both live and recent games with all the details
  • Schedule of the upcoming games
  • Real-time updates on the live games
  • List of all official Dota 2™ leagues and official teams with possibility to subscribe to their games
  • Tournament prize pool

Results of Our Work

Users can never miss a beat with this Dota 2™ tournament tracker, follow favorite teams, get real notifications about both games start and finish, see live game updates and review the recent ones’ results, browse leagues information and more with Redhot Tracker!

Cashplay is the First Globally-Approved Provider of Real-Money eSports Tournaments

And the only platform available on iOS, Android, and Unity. It offers a free software development kit (SDK) to the mobile game developers, which they can easily integrate into their skill-based games and monetize them. By integrating Cashplay, developers add the option of Player vs Player tournaments to their games, in which players earn money for every win and developers generate revenue from each played tournament.

Technology Stack

  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Unity plugin
  • API integration
  • Server communication
  • More than 10 games support

Cashplay SDK Features Are

  • It can be integrated on Android, iOS, and Unity.
  • It is easily and fast integrated – it doesn’t take more than 2 days of development.
  • It offers a secure user wallet – for easy deposits and withdrawals.
  • It’s extremely secure.
  • It offers analytics and revenue reports to users in order to track the level of engagement and their monthly profits.

Results of Our Work

Free software development kit to the mobile game developers, which they can easily integrate into their skill-based games and monetize them.

It is an Educational, Web-Based Game Which Supports and Promotes Learning with Technology

It is a puzzle game through which children will learn many different things. The game, in fact, an encyclopedia – an unusual and interactive one, which helps children expand their knowledge, at the same time developing their cognitive skills.

Technology Stack

  • Game concept and design
  • Art assets and UI
  • WebGL client implementation using Unity 3D
  • Third party APIs integration

This Game Has Really Interesting Story

As every encyclopedia, this one also has pages and each page contains text and images. But, the images and some words from the text are messed up and misplaced because some characters from other books ran through the pages. Now, there are words missing from the text and images placed on it. These images are in form of puzzle pieces and you should put them where they fit. Also, you should put the words back on their place in the text. Once you finish your task, you will need to answer several questions in a quiz and you will finish the game.

Results of Our Work

The best way for children to learn is through games. And, the games children like the most are those played on a computer. So, if you combine a learning material and a game, you will hit the jackpot. And this is a combination like this.

Real Estate App is an Application for Real Estate in Grand Forks, ND and Surrounding Communities

Properties can be viewed on an interactive map or as a list. You can easily filter through properties by price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, the age of the home, or the number of days on the market.

Visit Website

Technology Stack

  • Xamarin
  • MvvmCross

For Real Estate App We Did

  • Mobile application UX and UI design
  • Client-server integration
  • Development

Results of Our Work

App is available for both iOS and Android.

Wizfix Barbershop & Wizfix Tech Support

Are two innovative apps that offer on-demand barbers and tech support. To get a haircut simply download the app, pick where you want it, pick the service you want, pick the time and date. It is as simple as that. All payments are made through the app.

Technology Stack

  • Native iOS application development
  • Website development
  • Swift
  • Ruby on Rails

Wizfix Barbershop

Wizfix Barbershop is a revolutionary grooming app offering on-demand barbers. You can easily book their services from wherever you want, every day from 9 am to 9 pm. Their services include:

  • haircut
  • wet shave
  • beard trim
  • haircut + deluxe wet shave
  • haircut + master beard trim

Wizfix Tech Support

Wizfix Tech Support is the first app in the UK offering on-demand tech support. You can easily book their services from the comfort of your home or wherever you are, every day from 8 am to 11 pm. Their services include most computer issues, such as:

  • performance issues
  • crashing
  • viruses
  • WIFI
  • networking issues
  • hardware issues

Results of Our Work

Super relaxing experience for those who don't want to waste time, reading a crappy old magazine while waiting to get a haircut! Now you can chose the exact time and place you want a cut and a professional barber will be there with all their tools.

Cat Carnage is a Platform Runner Game in Which the Main Role is Played by a Cat

This cat is not a nice home cat, but a real little devil. She wants to eat as many fish as possible and on the way of accomplishing her goal, she makes a real mess everywhere she goes.

Technology Stack

  • Game logic
  • Game architecture
  • Level generation
  • Alpha version of the runner game using Unity3D

The Flow of the Game

Intended to use auto-generated levels in different styles, such as house, basement, roof, street, etc., where the cat can makes a mess from all interior objects.

Results of Our Work

Fully completed prototype of exciting game.

PowerVeloCity is an Application for Electrical Bicycle

The application uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with controller and allows programming of PowerVeloCity electric vehicle (EV) controllers wirelessly over bluetooth. Among adjustable settings are battery voltage and current, phase current, regenerative braking voltage and strength, three position switch power levels, flux weakening, reverse speed limits and other settings.

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Technology Stack

  • Mobile application development on Xamarin for iOS and Android platforms
  • Integration with controller over BLE

With PowerVeloCity Users Can

  • monitor the speed
  • monitor the charge of the electro-charge
  • configure the controller

Results of Our Work

Innovative ready-to-use app, which works perfectly on both iOS and Android platforms.

Bestiarium Memorium is a Memo Game With Amazing Art

Only the bravest explorers are welcome to this adventure! The darkest dungeons and their dwellers are waiting to test your courage and quickness! Are you fast or accurate? Choose that suits you the best – Time or Moves limit game modes are available. Get as far as you can and meet the beasts!

Technology Stack

  • Game design
  • Concept art
  • 2D art
  • User interface design
  • Game implementation using Unity3D

Are You Strong Enough

To face the scariest creatures? Okay, just kidding, they are quite cute. But tricky. Very tricky! Creatures hide in the depths of a dungeon in pairs so you have to use your memory skills and get them both at once!

Results of Our Work

Nominated for:

  • Best Game 2015
  • Best Indie Game 2015
  • Best Mobile Game 2015
  • Best Visual Art 2015
  • Best Game Design 2015

Awarded for the Best Visual Art.

A Slate is a Smart Asset Tag That Features a Unique QR Code

When you scan the QR code using the Slate Pages app, you are sent to your asset’s Slate Page within your app or browser. If equipped with the necessary privileges, you can view and edit any relevant information such as the asset’s name, location, photo, and much more.

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Technology Stack

  • Xamarin
  • ReactJS

For Slate Pages We Did

  • Created admin-panel from scratch
  • Created mobile application from scratch
  • Supported iOS, Android with different layout for handhelds and tablets (both mobile app and web version)
  • Designed and documented important architecture solutions

Results of Our Work

Slate Pages is available for both iOS and Android.

eTutorCloud is an Educational Platform for Online Tutoring

It enables tutors and students to discover each other and connect in real time, whenever they want, for wherever they want. eTutorCloud is a complex, carefully designed system which serves to simplify the teaching/learning process.

Features Include

  • Quality audio
  • High-definition video
  • Text-based chat
  • Tablet writing experience same as that of pen and paper
  • A collaborative, fully equipped whiteboard
  • Screen sharing option to share your desktop and anything on it
  • Word and PowerPoint documents, PDFs, jpegs
  • Ability to collaborate and comment on shared content


  • Students and tutors profiles
  • Requesting and bidding system
  • Search system
  • University support
  • Online payments
  • Tutorial processing
  • Online audio-video conferences
  • Direct messaging and screen sharing for 1-to-1 and group sessions
  • Users support system are implemented on Ruby on Rails.

Learning Management System

Is a web app for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of training programs. It helps Instructor or a Company to deliver materials to students or company workers, administer tests and other assignments, track student’s progress, and manage record-keeping.

Technology Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React JS

For LMS We Did

Product investigation and design, full cycle of development (using Ruby on Rails, React JS), testing and release.

Results of Our Work

Fully responsive web app, which helps to optimize learning process.

Forage Kitchen is not Just a Kitchen, but a Home for All Food Makers, Food Lovers, Gourmands and for the Entire Bay Area Food Community

Forage Kitchen is a shared kitchen, where every person interested in making food can show his/her skills, regardless if it is a pro or an amateur. This shared kitchen is spacious and equipped with all necessary tools so that cook can maximize their creativity and make their recipes a success.

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Technology Stack

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • React

With Forage Kitchen Cooks Can

Apart from having needed work space and equipment, they get training and support to improve their skills and start their business more easily.

For Forage Kitchen We

  • Rewrote whole coffeescript logic
  • Fixed spaces nexudus interaction errors
  • Changed design to be mobile-friendly
  • Added small features (e.g ability to add booking to Google Calendar)

Results of Our Work

Forage Kitchen is a co-working space for food, which expands the local food economy by supporting the food makers. Having space where they can express their cooking talent, a business support and access to local farmers, they get a chance to start their cooking business a little bit easier.

The Insiders App is the Ultimate Lifestyle Companion for All Travelers

All traveling information on your palm, selected and organized by you, by influencers, brands, and publications you trust. The app is integrated with many of the world’s greatest privilege and reward program providers. In this way, it gives users the privilege to get rewards related to places and destinations.

Technology Stack

  • iOS implementation using Unity
  • Client-Server implementation
  • Website development

With Insiders Users Can

  • Explore the ultimate library of lifestyle recommendations from their trusted insiders
  • Create guides
  • Publish to the community and share just with their Inside Circle

Results of Our Work

Cross-platform app, which works perfectly on both iOS and Android and unites travelers who share their experiences to inside circle.

Independent Tutors Portal

Allows the supervisors to find the Tutor for the Client (Students) which fits the most their needs and requirements. Challenge was to develop all functionality in a secure manner with supporting the principles of the legal and medical information confidentiality via the set of access rights and profiles developed in the system.

Technology Stack

  • Clickable wireframes
  • UI/UX design
  • Web app development
  • QA

With Tutors Portal Users Can

  • Create and manage diverse information of both types of profiles – the Client and the Tutor, specifying all their professional characteristics or problem description, work and fee preferences, contact details and so on.
  • Filter and search the most matchable Tutor and assign them to the Client.
  • Create and manage the tutoring sessions between the assigned Tutor and their Clients, taking into account general work availability of the Tutor and their planned workload.
  • Create and manage invoices to be paid by the Clients via the Stripe.

Results of Our Work

Independent Tutor Portal is successfully implemented as web app, where both clients and tutors can manage their accounts and schedules.

ClassTag is an All-in-One Online Parent-Teacher Communication Platform

It is simple, easy to use and free of charge for teachers and parents. ClassTag is a web tool which teachers can use to connect, communicate and collaborate with their students’ parents. Believing that family support is extremely important for student’s success, ClassTag has all the features needed to create the perfect virtual classroom.

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Technology Stack

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Xamarin
  • React

With ClassTag Teachers Can

  • Organize events
  • Send automated newsletters
  • Schedule parent-teacher conferences
  • Get volunteers
  • Share important announcements and funny moments
  • See parents’ engagement in their classroom

For Classtag We Did

  • Full-stack web development
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • QA and Testing
  • Usability Reviews

Results of Our Work

ClassTag is available as a website and as iOS and Android app, helping to make communication and study process better for hundreds of schools.

Mobile Application for iPhones to Help the Workers in the Tipping Industry to Track and Plan Their Income and Expenses

Tips Tracker uses the input data to calculate and show the statistic, like the best day money wise, or the average tip per hour in February, etc, which motivate the worker to work and safe more.

Technology Stack

  • Product management
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Application development using Xamarin

With Tips Tracker Users Can

Log their daily tips, store work expenses receipts and then use those data to file the taxes reports. Also they have an access to calculator to quickly do simple math and to contact list of their customers.

Happy Mind

Is the game that trains your mind to focus on positivities more than negativities, opportunities more than obstacles, to promote positive emotions. This can alleviate anxiety, fear of social situations, improve work performance, self-esteem and self-confidence, increase happiness, and it may improve eating habits as well.

Technology Stack

  • UI/UX design
  • 2D art
  • Development
  • QA

Results of Our Work

Game is available for both iOS and Android.

Mobile Application for Brain Health Monitoring

It is a collection of more than 15 interesting and engaging games which serve as tools that track the emotional, cognitive and motor functions of a patient’s brain that allows physicians to track the functioning of their patients’ brains and save all the results and other clinical information.

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Technology Stack

  • Unity 3D
  • AWS
  • TrueVault

How It Works

App's intelligent analytics extract the clinically relevant information from a patient’s audio, video, and interactive responses recorded via the iPad’s built-in camera, touch screen, microphone and gyroscope. In this way, it gives an exceptional insight into a patient’s brain health status, which helps physicians in the diagnosis of neurological disorders and conditions.

For This App We Did

  • Game Design
  • Client implementation (Unity 3D)
  • Server implementation (AWS, TrueVault)
  • API creation and integration
  • Concept art
  • 2D Art
  • Animations
  • Research on the new technologies as eyes tracking, speech recognition

Results of Our Work

App is easy to use! Physicians and patients can download it on their iPads and use it anywhere, at any time.

Visual Gains is an Application for Bodybuilders

It is an application for bodybuilders (requires a special strap), which monitors the progress of muscle growth during exercises. The app uses bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with the strap.

Technology Stack

  • Mobile development for iOS and Android
  • Integration with the strap

Results of Our Work

Innovative ready-to-use app, which works perfectly on both iOS and Android platforms.

VitalsBridge Case

VitalsBridge consists of software and hardware that is used to train medical professionals. The VitalsBridge simulates vital signs and allows these signals to be shown on a real clinical patient monitor so that medical trainees have an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge hands-on. Depending on the hardware model, displayed data can include oxygen saturation, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure measurements, heart rate, temperature, respiration, and more. Dynasthetics collaborated with Diversido on various VitalsBridge software components, such creation of Android and iOS apps, as well as performance updates to Bluetooth communication.

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How does a VitalBridge Work?

The VitalsBridge technology may be used with standardized patients or manikins. Standardized patients are specialists trained to reenact various plausible doctor-patient scenarios to help medical students learn and apply their skills. VitalsBridge software and hardware can be used with different kinds of manikins, including low-, middle-, and high-fidelity manikins. These three levels describe how lifelike a manikin is:

  • Low-fidelity manikins are not realistic; they’re segmented, often comprising separate body parts like IV-arms and CPR manikins.
  • Mid-fidelity manikins are full-body, but they are limited in hardware functionality.
  • High-fidelity manikins incorporate sophisticated hardware that allows them to realistically respond to the actions of clinicians.

VitalsBridge connector software for desktops or VitalsBridge mobile app establishes a link between VitalsBridge hardware — processor board of a set, clinical patient monitor, and manikin or a standardized patient. Other solutions on the market offer clinicians to purchase a separate patient monitor to run simulations for trainees — VitalsBridge connects every component of the simulation chain to patient monitors clinicians already have.

How to use?

  1. Download and open the app.
  2. The program will start to search for suitable hardware so you can find VitalsBridge’s processor board.
  3. When the connection is established, you can begin setting the vital signs for a training session.
  4. Depending on the processing board you’ve got, you’ll see different training sets of vital signs to display.
  5. In the app’s configurations, you can calibrate the app and synchronize it with a processing board.
  6. Then, connect your manikin or a standardized patient to the hardware and begin the training.


We joined the project when the customer needed an Android app. Later, another issue occurred when Microsoft stopped updating their IoT suite tailored to the needs of embedded systems, also known as Windows IoT Core. We assisted with migration of their embedded IoT software to run on a Linux OS, — there, availability of 5G solved significant connectivity challenges.

Another challenge our team had to deal with was establishing a Bluetooth connection compatible with Apple’s iOS. The early version of VitalsBridge used Bluetooth Classic (Rfcomm), which required a cumbersome pairing of the client device with the VitalsBridge. Diversido led the implementation of updates to have the VitalsBridge communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and the results led to improved communication performance and reliability. To do this, we used D-Bus as middleware that allowed two different message streams to co-exist within one machine.

Right now, VitalsBridge connector software can connect to the vital signs computer through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, serial data cable, or Bluetooth. In addition to the desktop Windows-based version, Android and iOS applications exist. The iOS client can connect to a processing board via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0) technology and a Wi-Fi connection. Android and iOS applications have been developed using a .NET cross-platform Microsoft framework - Xamarin.Forms.

Monitor compatibility

All patient monitors made within the last 20 years are compatible with VitalsBridge technology, including those manufactured by Philips, Spacelabs, Propaq, Zoll, Welch Allyn, etc.

Results of Our Work

You can find VitalsBridge in Google Play Market, the Apple Store (forthcoming), or on the company website. The app is free, and it doesn’t contain in-app purchases or ads. The purchasable component of the set is VitalsBridge’s hardware that is required to use the app. The latest update makes the app compatible with the newest hardware, VitalsBridge FM.

Download for Android

What issues does it resolve?

The only way to memorize how to do anything efficiently is by doing. The mobile app for VitalsBridge helps to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and lack of practice medical students have in an environment that looks like clinical settings but is mistakes-tolerant and risk-free.

VitalsBridge app is useful for medical schools, students and their mentors, hospitals that often accept interns, organizations that run first aid training, and so on. The University of Utah, for instance, is already utilizing VitalsBridge technologies — watch their video detailing how to use it with standardized patients.

About the Project

A lot of people struggle to develop new, healthy habits and stick to them. Research showed, though, that it’s much easier for them to do that if they’re encouraged to. Health Mentor is an app that roots in that idea, allowing lifestyle and fitness coaches to connect to their clients.

Health Mentor’s functionality is built on the basis of behavioral science: through exercises, goal-setting, encouragement, and recurrent check-ups, coaches guide their clients towards a more active and healthy lifestyle. They do all that, based on the data of the client’s progress, pulled from their smartphones and wearables (obviously, after their permission.) We helped the Health Mentor startup to develop this app.

Technology Stack

  • Flutter
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Twilio
  • Firebase
  • Google Fit
  • HealthKit

Initial Request from the Client

We were asked to create a proof of concept (PoC) for the app using the Health Flutter plugin to validate users’ data transfer on iOS (through HealthKit) and Android (through Google Fit APIs).

The idea was that users will allow data exchange between nutrition apps like MyFitness Pal and Health Mentor via Health and Google Fit.

Then, Health Mentor would have data entries from the apps people are already using and, utilizing a modified Flutter plugin, would be able to break these data to include additional information about people’s nutrition.

As a result, users would be able to:

  • See detailed data visualization for daily nutrient consumption (segments for protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories, etc)
  • Add entries on nutrients by themselves within Health Mentor
  • Refresh the app and synchronize Health Mentor with other nutrition apps and pull the new data from them.

That is exactly what we did. The process was interesting and challenging — so let’s talk about the issues we’ve encountered and the ways we’ve solved them.

What We Did: Challenges and Solutions

During our work on the project, we:

  • Developed an iOS/Android app via Flutter using Redux for architecture.
  • Implemented GraphQL API Backend for data transfer control.
  • Created a messenger using Twilio.
  • Integrated Push Notifications using Twilio & Firebase.
  • Set Health Data fetch via our plugin.
  • Performed Background Sync using WorkManager.
  • Used to build the admin panel.

Now, let’s move to challenges.

Challenge #1: Health Plugins Integration

The main problem we encountered when developing Health Mentor was retrieving the health data. The objective was to enable the management of information hosted by two completely different data systems – Apple Health and Google Fit via a single Flutter repository. We needed to build different permission systems and background fetches for data retrieval within corresponding systems, and the latter is considered impossible to pull off for a locked iOS device.


  • To address the issue, Diversido developers customized an open-source health plugin. The modified plugin can retrieve data for a specified range, dividing it into arrays by data type, time, and device rather than pulling all streams together. With iOS and Android health data having different formats, this method allows the system to pull data entries to an app without errors caused by mixing them up.
  • Diversido also used an aggregation system that worked similarly. That allowed us to get a correct sum of data types like steps, calories, etc, avoiding conflict between data-gathering devices (like iPhone and Apple Watch that both track steps.)
  • We ended up creating our custom, versatile Flutter health plugin, based on the latest updates of Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit SDK.

Challenge #2: Billing System Support

The billing system presented another challenge. Health Mentor has to support building per day or per number of customers.

Apart from that, the billing system had to:

  • Allow users to cancel subscriptions and switch between billing periods in the middle of the day, which meant we had a lot of things to consider about data ranges and time zones.
  • Keep old prices the same for the existing customers after price changes.
  • Allow users to change customers’ status during a billing period without including days users used Health Mentor but weren’t billed for it.
  • Support free quota for customers. Some functionality is paid, and others aren’t, so the billing system must account for that — and for cases when a user’s paying status changes.

The billing system is vital to get right, so we’ve worked through it for quite a bit.


We ensured that the app stores a bit of historical data, just enough for a system to continuously sync it with billing system usage data, so prices and estimated prices stayed consistent.

Challenge #3: New Twilio Conversations in Flutter

In Health Mentor, coaches and their clients can chat. We decided to use Twilio Programmable Chat to build chatrooms, but Twilio developers announced that they will stop supporting that API in June 2021, while the product that replaces it today, Twilio Conversation, was still in development. It lacked supporting documentation and did not have a Flutter package we could use.


We decided to go creative and use the existing Twilio Programmable Chat package for Flutter. But we updated it to be compatible with Twilio Conversations SDK. It took several months to fix idling issues, eliminate code errors, adjust the push notifications system, and correct functionality for presentations and lessons.

Even after 5-6 months of development, we appeared to be the first team in the large Flutter community to use the new Twilio Conversations in a Flutter development! The only other Conversations package for Flutter was published in January 2022.

Challenge #4: Correct Time Zone Display

It’s often that a coach and a client are in different time zones — or they change timezones while consistently using the app. We needed to make sure goals coaches set for clients are set to complete in timelines the clients are. Same with the progress trackers. So, we had to resolve issues for an app to correctly save, synchronize, and display data.


After thorough analysis and meticulous work and careful consideration of user accounts’ time zones, we managed to achieve the goal: the app saved, synchronized, and displayed the data correctly. It was a complex piece of functionality to develop.

Results of our Work

We’ve completed the job that has been asked of us and collaborated with a client in post-production. Here are some of the features we’ve integrated into the release version of Health Mentor:

  • Private client messaging
  • Push Notifications system for coaches to encourage their clients
  • Log in via Apple, Google, and Facebook accounts.
  • Data sync with many fitness & nutrition apps and wearables
  • Functionality for building personalized coaching plans
  • Progress trackers for workouts & other fitness goals
  • Content library with lifestyle & fitness advice
  • Sleep monitoring functionality

Right now, Health Mentor is available for Android and iOS, and according to reviews, people enjoy it a lot. If you need wellness or healthcare apps developed, drop us a line.

SST (Safe Sedation Training) is an Online and Simulation Training in Moderate Sedation

It is intended for nurses, dentists, physicians and trainees in these disciplines. The content is consistent with many professional society practice guidelines. The course curriculum was developed by sedation experts using scientifically grounded sources and it is adopted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. Safe Sedation Training is offered to individuals and hospitals.

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Technology Stack

  • Product styling
  • Redesign implementation
  • New learning course integration
  • Support Ruby
  • Refactoring using Node.js

Heading 2

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Features Include

  • Self-paced training
  • Interactive assessment of learner’s knowledge after each module
  • Tracking staff’s training process – suitable for hospitals of any size
  • Certificate of completion valid for 2 years

Results of Our Work

SST is a great course with a mission to achieve mastery of the scientific foundation of moderate sedation practice.

First Social Media Integrated Photo Booth in the World that is Used for Live Photo Sharing and GIFs Creating on iPad

Using advanced photography technology, this app creates a unique photo booth experience. Providing custom styled photo booth for every occasion and being social media integrated, it is the must-have app.

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Technology Stack

  • iOS implementation using Objective-C
  • Client-Server implementation
  • Payments integration
  • Dropbox API integration
  • Social media sharing integration
  • Website development
  • Twilio Integration
  • Facebook and Twitter apps integration

With Photobooth App You Can

Take incredible photos of you and your friends and create animated GIFs from combinations of photos. Share them via email or directly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in real-time.


What makes Photobooth App the must-have app are its numerous features:

  1. It can accommodate up to 8 people.
  2. Works with all popular photo booth software.
  3. Interactive, built-in GIF making tool for instant GIF creations.
  4. Custom photo booth style depending on the event themes.
  5. Social media optimized GIFs.
  6. Users can view multiple images in Thumbnail View or a single image in Fullscreen View.
  7. Dropbox integration, every change in Dropbox automatically is updated on the app.
  8. Limitless social media sharing.
  9. Instant photo access.

Results of Our Work

It’s the most incredible and technologically sophisticated DSLR photo booth ever created. The app provides the best custom-styled photo booth experience for all sorts of events, from weddings to red carpets. Use it to take incredible photos of you and your friends and to create animated GIFs from combinations of photos. Share them via email or directly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in real-time.

Download for iOS

Enter the World of Magic…
Fight Against Monsters…
And Save the World!!!

It is a dark time for the world. Someone wants to mess up the World Order. Four evil monsters broke into the Library of World Order and stole almost all pages from the Sacred Book, leaving only a few behind. You are the new library keeper and the protector of the world and it is up to you to find the stolen pages and save the world.

Technology Stack

  • Game Concept
  • Design Art assets and UI
  • WebGL client implementation
  • Unity 3D
  • Third party APIs integration

Rules of the Game are Quite Simple

You have some HP, a set of shuffled cards on the desk and four cards in your hand. Each card possesses attack power and contains a question and three possible answers. If you answer correctly, your card releases its power and attacks the monster. But, if your answer is wrong – the monster doesn’t get hurt and you receive damage.

How to Win Monsters?

The four monsters have HP and attack power and the only way to defeat them is to answer all questions correctly. In order to do that, you need to read the pages from the Sacred Book that the monsters didn’t rip off because each of them contains information related to the questions. Be brave, defeat all the monsters and win the game!!!

Results of Our Work

  • Game is available for iPad.
  • Players not only play, but they also learn some things.


Provides a platform for shippers, carriers, logistics brokers, to have an at your fingertips solution to move cargo fast and efficiently. The payment is held in escrow and once delivery is made and both parties approve completion, the carrier is paid. Shippers and Carriers have the ability to provide ratings which provides a marketplace where everyone is held accountable and rewarded for honest work.

Technology Stack

  • Mobile development using Xamarin for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Web Admin Panel to administrate the users, view statistic and analyze the usage
  • QA

Results of Our Work

App provides a platform for shippers, carriers, logistics brokers, to have an at your fingertips solution to move cargo fast and efficiently. Available for both iPhone and iPad

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